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5G Broadband

Thanks to huge improvements in LTE technology (4G + 5G) for rural broadband, we're turning not-spots into hot-spots! With speeds now in excess of 300 Mbps, it's out-performing many fibre connections. We prefer to use the best solutions for long-range rural areas. Rural Internet is one of the few ISPs to provide unlimited use on 4G and 5G rural broadband.

Actual speed tests:

Modern 5G routers are easy to install - just plug in and go! Even in areas where an additional antenna is advisable, simply mount on a window using supplied suction-cups. Even if you can only get 10 Mbps 3G, it's 10x faster than 1 Mbps ADSL. Many Rural Internet customers report 30+ and 40+ Mbps even with an internal antenna.

Just plug in and switch on:

  • 5G speeds (100 to 600 Mbps+)
  • 4G speeds (30 to 300 Mbps+)
  • 3G compatibility (10 to 30 Mbps)
  • no line rental required
  • TV Player steaming
  • Netflix steaming
  • Apple Music steaming
  • Deezer steaming
  • SoundCloud steaming
  • Internet browsing

Unlimited 5G/4G/3G
1 month contract £ fixed

Fixed monthly price - enquire for details  Enquire
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 Unlimited streaming

Welcome to the world of unlimited HD streaming!

Stream as many films and TV shows from your Netflix subscription as you want, with no buffering or waiting for things to load. Our 5G (+4G) rural broadband uses clever technology to stream from nearby masts. (Note: Netflix subscription fees not included)

Sign up to watch the best free-to-air channels including BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Dave. Or how about this: now that you don't need to pay BT phone-line rental, put some of the savings toward a TV Player subscription of over 100 premium channels! (Note: Premium TV Player channels require additional subscription fees)

Sign up to the free unlimited music and have Deezer give suggestions based upon your listening tastes. Feel free to upgrade to one of the Premium accounts for more sophisticated features (Note: Premium Deezer subscription fees not included)

Listen to others content, or upload your own with SoundCloud! (Note: Premium services may require additional subscription fees)

Stream your Apple Music collection 24/7. At Rural Internet we feel that 4G and 5G should offer the same streaming experience as fibre - proving that rural broadband is reliable broadband. (Note: Apple Music subscription fees not included)

Home broadband usage now averages over 200 GB per month according to OfCom . An unlimited 5G/4G/3G data tariff - with a fixed price - makes financial sense. Rural Internet are one of the few ISPs to offer a true unlimited package over 4G and 5G. (OfCom date: 2018 report - updated anually)

4G Hardware

LTE tech - 5G/4G - just keeps getting better! By using multiple internal antenna - MIMO - several signal streams are combined, yielding speeds in excess of 300 Mbps in some areas. We can supply CAT16 5G, and CAT6 (LTE Advanced Category 6) 4G equipment that has the option of an external antenna; in some areas an antenna can double or even triple the speeds. All of our equipment is easy to fit - even our external antenna can be mounted to a window using supplied suction cups - no drilling or DIY required (Comes with pre-drilled holes and curve for pole mounting if desired) . Since there is no telephone line required, Rural Intenret can have you up and running within a few days!

240v and 12v

Also works in caravans and boats


Get in touch and we will carry out a free desk-based survey to determine your likely speeds, and advise if an additonal antenna will be needed. At Rural Internet we prioritise rather than penalise rural customers!

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Our promise

100% satisfaction is our aim. All contracts are just 1 month, and we'll even buy back your hardware in the unusual event of poor performance. Enquire now, and have your kit delivered within days. A Rural Internet expert will be on the phone should you need assistance.