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High quality, reliable home broadband for rural locations

Photo of woman shopping online from bedOur range of home broadband solutions will ensure that you get the best possible level of rural internet service and quality.

We offer home broadband solutions that are as reliable as our business broadband solutions and aim to be as flexible as possible so you can keep pace with the demand of a busy home life.

You will love our service

Unlimited data

We offer packages with unlimited use so you have peace of mind that no extra data charges will be added to your bill at the end of the month.

No contracts

You won't be locked into a lengthy contract and are free to leave at any time.  We believe the price, reliability of service and general flexibility of our service will ensure that you'll be very happy to stay with us for years to come..

Promises delivered

There's nothing worse than being promised a fast download speed only to find this can't be achieved.  We don't perform any traffic throttling or shaping so with our service you get access to the full available bandwidth at all times.

This means you can have more devices connected to the internet at once, so you can watch streaming TV while the kids play online games.

Take the next step

We are always happy to discuss your home broadband needs in detail so if you want to chat, please call 01228 833 833 or

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