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Leased lines for demanding business internet users

Leased lines give you a dedicated internet connection, the ultimate high capacity solution for demanding businesses.

Office comms cabinet with leased lineWhen it comes to receiving the best level of internet connection for your business we have the ultimate solution.

Leased lines give you a dedicated internet connection with very high capacity service.

We work closely with one of the best providers in the UK, which means you get the benefit of service, structure and resources at all times.

Leased line benefits

  • One of the fastest possible commercial Internet connections in the UK
  • Delivery over a dedicated optical fibre circuit
  • Standard Ethernet presentation for direct connection to a switch or firewall
  • A connection that is perfect for organisations with large bandwidth requirements
  • No additional usage fees charged
  • 24/7 monitoring and support from our Cumbria offices
  • A number of IP addresses at no additional charge

Automatic backup

We offer a failover/pure ADSL backup service with leased lines. This provides automatic failover in the event of an issue with your leased line so you can keep working.

There are no additional costs for the backup service.

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