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After many years of living rural...

After many years of living rural and struggling to get a decent broadband signal I found this little gem of a company! Fantastic customer service , Fantastic broadband reliability and... (Read full review)


Excellent service...

Excellent service true to there word and always someone there to speak to I dealt with James who gave me reassurance and spent the time helping me get... (Read full review)

Bounce for joy! Afterall, you've now discovered Rural Internet and we're here to help. Over the years we've established a reputation for solving your rural broadband frustrations where other ISPs may have given up. We've got years of experience tweaking and improving broadband connections - and a loyal base of very happy customers. Let's Chat or Phone (01228833833) and see what we can do for YOU! (You can also Send an email form here )


With solutions for both home and business customers there's nothing that makes up happier than the reward of getting you into the 21st Century as regards your broadband. We promise to take the time and care needed to ensure you get the very best experience possible.

Getting the right hardware for rural broadband is vital. Many larger ISPs simply cannot scale down to such a personalized service. That's one of our strengths! (See our 4G and 5G hardware)

Our other vital skill is that we are able to fine tune your rural broadband to balance increased speed with stability. The larger ISPs simply do not have the skilled staff to do this, often using low-paid off-shore call centres. You may be surprised at our results!


Get in touch and we will carry out a free desk-based survey to determine your likely speeds, and alternative options.

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100% satisfaction is our aim. Most contracts are just 1 month, and we offer a no-nonsense policy if we fail to exceed your expectations. Enquire now, and have one of experts respond.