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Fibre Broadband

It’s like lightspeed! Actually, it is – fibre-optic cables is what the internet is built on, and it’s fast – UltraFast. Even with the best possible ADSL signal you would be limited to around 20 Mbps. FTTC (Fibre-to-the-cabinet) links you to the fibre network and speeds of up to 80 Mbps. Rural Internet can provide a new SuperFast FTTC line and service in just over 1 week! UltraFast FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) takes a couple of months longer, and is worth the wait: enjoy speeds of over 330 Mbps.

  20 Mbps max.
  FTTC 80 Mbps max.  
  FTTP 100+ Mbps  

Free? We're working with OpenReach to implement a "fibre first" program in rural areas. This means installing pure fibre optic cabling directly into the property. We can usually get this installed for free as part of a funded scheme. We'll install FTTP at 100 Mbps UltraFast speed, and can offer 330 Mbps or higher!

  • SuperFast speeds in rural areas
  • Compatible with BT lines
  • We can also provide lines

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 Unlimited streaming

Welcome to the world of unlimited HD streaming!

With fibre from Rural Internet, stream as many films and TV shows from your Netflix subscription as you want, with no buffering or waiting for things to load. Other users sharing your broadband will not be affected. (Note: Netflix subscription fees not included)

Sign up to watch the best free-to-air channels including BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Dave. Or how about a TV Player subscription of over 100 premium channels! (Note: Premium TV Player channels require additional subscription fees)

Become a music pro with Rural Internet: Sign up to the free unlimited music and have Deezer give suggestions based upon your listening tastes. Feel free to upgrade to one of the Premium accounts for more sophisticated features (Note: Premium Deezer subscription fees not included)

Listen to others content, or upload your own with SoundCloud! (Note: Premium services may require additional subscription fees)

Stream your Apple Music collection 24/7. At Rural Internet we're feel that your fibre broadband should imrove your musical environemnt to the max!. (Note: Apple Music subscription fees not included)

Home broadband usage now averages over 200 GB per month according to OfCom . An unlimited broadband tariff - with a fixed price - makes financial sense. Rural Internet will not rate-limit your connection - no matter how much you download! (OfCom date: 2018 report - updated anually)

  • Unlimited - no throttling
  • All devices supported
  • Offers low latency for gaming
Premium hardware

Rural Internet supply premium hardware, pre-configured and delivered, just plug-in and go!

  • Fast AC WiFi - with performance CPU
  • 1Gbps FTTP and LAN ports
  • Next generation FTTC (dsl) port - UltraFast 100+ Mbps
  • Certified for 4K media streaming
  • Comes with Remote Management troubelshooting


Get in touch and we will carry out a free desk-based survey to determine your likely speeds, and options.

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Our promise

100% satisfaction is our aim. With contracts from just 1 month, and a choice of packages to match your budget. Enquire now for a friendly service. A Rural Internet expert will be on the phone should you need assistance.