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SD-WAN bonding

2 are better than 1. Yes, take 2 broadband lines, bond them together, and connect to the cloud. Result? Utilize the combined bandwidth of all lines as if they were one. Unlike “load balancing”, real SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) is bonded in the cloud – giving you a single public IP address and doubling (or 3x, or 4x) both your download and your upload speeds.

Beats leased lines hands down on price - at least 50% cheaper. And because it's a cloud solution the lead times are days instead of weeks; even if you need a new extra line we can have you up and running by next week! We'll supply the lines and kit - all pre-configured to simply plug in.

Why our SD-WAN?

  • Resilience - auto-failover
  • Speed - 2x 3x 4x
  • Bandwidth - combined total
  • Economical - leased line beater!

SD-WAN bonding 2x 3x 4x
1 month contract £ fixed

Fixed monthly price - enquire for details  Enquire
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 Multiplex your connection

Get UltraFast without a leased line

Tech notes

SD-WAN bonded broadband makes financial sense, and adds reliability and bandwidth. Bandwidth demands keep increasing, so you need a solution to keep one step ahead. Key technical benefits include:

  • Failover - 2 (or more) lines
  • Bandwidth - 2x or more
  • Internet-of-Things - more devices
Cloud network

A cloud network allows for security and reporting, and reduces the complexity of network management. Enterprise clients are adopting SD-WAN, and so can you.

  • VoIP: ideal for voice
  • Non-geo: IP relocates with you
  • Remote: supported in the cloud
  • Cost-effective: reduces complexity

Real customer speed tests - not theoretical - are listed below, where the customer's single FTTC line averaged 68 Mbps:

  2x 125+ Mbps  
  3x 185+ Mbps  
  4x 250+ Mbps  

ADSL lines can also be bonded, with 4 ADSL lines returning 70-80+ Mbps; outperforming fibre lines!

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You decide...

Are you an IT administrator, a business decision maker, or simply the owner of a business looking for a better broadband solution? We'll give you a quote for a dedicated internet access line - aka. "leased line" - and you can compare the pricing. There's often a big financial leap from regular broadband to dedicated lines, and SD-WAN bonded broadband fills that gap. Our contract is just 1 month, so this is a great way to try UltraFast speeds before making a 3 year contract for a dedicated line. It's your decision, and we're happy to offer you a great option!

Be the Mr BOND of your office - a hero's welcome awaits you!

Our promise

100% satisfaction is our aim. All contracts are just 1 month, and we're fanatical about after-sales service and support. Please use this enquiry form and one of our experts will be in touch.